Avery welcomes Garner for in-home

The distinct possibility of a career in baseball has Xavier Avery weighing all of his options.

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Avery, who committed to the Bulldogs in late 2007, said today that he was still thinking about baseball, wondering what the summer's Major League Baseball draft will mean for his future.

"If I go to college I am going to play both," he said. "If I get drafted, and that's if I get drafted, I would just do that. Time will tell – we are all going talk about it – my parents, my advisors and I."

Avery said he doesn't mind the consistant questions about baseball saying, "I love baseball, so I don't have any problems with people asking me about it."

Still, the questions, which can't be answered until this summer, will be consistent for Avery. With those circling around him, Avery will welcome Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner tonight.

"I talked to Coach Garner today at school and we are going to see one another tonight," Avery said. "I am sure he going to ask me about baseball."

Some of the discussion may be if Avery will in fact need a scholarship this fall, or if he has decided what he will be doing in terms of his future as it relates to both sports. Internet speculation always focuses on scholarship number availability this time of year, and it seems Avery is about to get the brunt of that attention.

With that said, Avery said he will likely visit Georgia this weekend for an official visit, but, he said, he may be forced to leave early for a baseball event.

"I am probably going to go (to Athens) this weekend. I have to go to a pro workout, so I would have leave early," Avery said. "Things are still a little up in the air. I can't tell what's going to happen with baseball. That's a long way away. I am just playing as hard as I can right now."

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