Schools lining up for Tate

ATHENS - A two-sport athlete from Cartersville, Donavan Tate is certainly a prospect to keep an eye on for the class of 2009.

Donavan Tate profile

"My work ethic would definitely be number one. Playing hard and being a team player, those are really my strong points," Tate said when asked to describe his best attributes.

As for interest, he's certainly drawing it from a variety of schools – and has the offers to prove it.

"I'm kind of hearing from everybody. My top schools would be Georgia, USC, Florida, Texas, and Arizona State. I have (an offer) from Georgia, USC in baseball, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama," he said.

The professional baseball draft could be a factor in Tate's decision to play college football, but he said that if he does go to college, he would definitely like to play both sports.

And how does this in-state prospect feel about Georgia? Well it seems that he's been fond of them for quite some time, but that doesn't definitively mean he'll wind up in Athens.

Said Tate: "Since I was a little kid I've liked Georgia. My family's been there and I have a Georgia background and everything, but I'm going to have to look at all the other schools and see what they have to offer and not just rush into making my decision and not just go to Georgia because everybody in my family's went there."

As for upcoming combines, Tate said he attended the U.S. Army All-American one, but hasn't been to any other football events. He hopes to do so later this year, but he said that spring and summer baseball takes up a great deal of his time.

And as for a potential position at the next level, Tate again, has options.

"I really haven't though about it – it's quarterback or safety," he said.

"I really started to like the quarterback position this year when I got to play it full time and last year I played safety full time. It's really whatever school it is and the opportunity at the school and the playing time and stuff. I like them both just as much as the other one."

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