Q&A with Washington County's Brandon Watts

ATHENS – Washington County's Brandon Watts answers a few questions from Dawg Post.

Parker Morgan: What schools are you hearing the most from right now?

Brandon Watts: Georgia Tech, Auburn, Clemson – I get a lot of mail from them. Boston College.

PM: Have you gotten any other offers in addition to the one from Georgia Tech?

BW: No sir, not yet.

PM: Are you attending any junior days or combines soon?

BW: I'm going to a combine February 2nd at Georgia Tech. I don't know of any others right now. I've got to look and see what's out there.

PM: Have you heard much from Georgia?

BW: I've gotten some letters from them.

PM: What position are schools recruiting you to play at?

BW: Linebacker. PM: What would you describe as your best attributes on the football field?

BW: Getting to the ball, running from sideline to sideline.

PM: Do you have a list of favorite schools? BW: Not really right now. I like mainly SEC and ACC teams.

PM: Is staying relatively close to home something important to you?

BW: Yes sir.

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