Speedy WR drawing interest

ATHENS - Braxton Lane is a wide receiver with tremendous speed who's starting to attract attention.

Braxton Lane profile

And as he's getting noticed by a variety of programs, he's not narrowing his choices any time soon.

"I'm interested in a lot of different schools. I can't really say I have a standout favorite though," Lane said.

When asked to specify some of the programs interested, Lane replied, "Clemson, UGA, Oregon, I get a lot of stuff from them, Miami, they've been talking to me recently, Alabama – schools like that."

When asked about Georgia, Lane said he's had some recent interaction, but they might not be pursuing him as diligently as other schools.

Said Lane: "They actually sent the wide receivers coach to the school the other day. It's a good school and they've been talking to me a while through letters and things like that. Actually, I wouldn't say that they're recruiting me as hard as some other schools are but they're definitely still talking to me."

On the recruiting process in general, Lane talked about how the personnel various teams have can impact a decision.

"It means a lot," he said. "I definitely look at the depth chart of the schools where I'd be considering going, not just quarterback but at wide receiver. You know who'd be playing ahead of me, or who was be there before me. Really I guess my chances of playing early and things like that. That's not the only aspect that goes into it, but that definitely plays a part."

Lane, who said he currently has offers from Central Florida, Kentucky, and Indiana, will have plenty of time to consider his decision as he said he intends to make an informed decision later in the process.

"I plan on waiting to see what I can get," he said. "A lot of people get offers late so I'm in no rush to commit."

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