Back together with old friends

ATLANTA - One of the most exciting things in going to the combines over the years are the people you meet.

Watching the young players show their abilitires on the field and in drills is why we go, but there will always be some great folks to meet and talk with that are also observing these young men.

Saturday at CES was no exception. Former NFL players Randy Cross and Eric Sanders were in attendance with their sons, and two of the nicest people one could ever meet. Both have sons that did very well at the combine. What was impressive is they both had nothing but high reguard for the UGA coaching staff. Eric Sanders had me laughing with a comment he made. He said " I know a lot of folks got upset with Mark Richt when the Georgia players stormed the field on the first score at Florida. Me, I thought it was great,, and loved every minute of it". Eric is from Reno, Nevada, and has no favorite college team. That was just his observation.

After talking with Randy and Eric, looked up and saw former Dawg player Randall Godfrey. Randall was there with his step son, and has just moved back to Atlanta from San Diego. He played this past season for the Washington Redskins. He has visited his old home area of Lowdes County a lot over the years, but has not been to Athens in a long time. He said the University did a great job keeping all the former players in the NFL updated with information on what is going on in athletics. He said he really appreciated them keeping him updated. He knew all about the new dorm for athletics and laughed talking about the old football dorm.

Randall was to retire last year, but the Redskins really stayed on him to play one more year which he did. I asked Him if he was now retired, and he laughed. "I will never say retired again. If I get a call this year will have to think about it". He jokingly said if he decided to play this next year he would wait until after training camp is over, and then sign. Then he laughed.

It is a lot of fun to meet and talk with guys like those three. You find out they are just ordinary parents pulling for their kids to do good in life like the rest of us, and they are more than willing to talk to fans.

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