"I'm signing with the University of Georgia"

4-Star Defensive end Toby Jackson committed to the University of Georgia in June, but continued to take official visits right up until last week. Jackson has made the trips, weighed his options, and he's come to the same conclusion; he's staying home.

"I'm signing with the University of Georgia," said Toby Jackson. "I made my commitment in June, but after I made it, I started talking with my parents and with the coaches at Georgia. I told them I was going to stay true to my commitment, but I wanted to still make sure I made the right decision. I wanted to weigh my options by allowing other and taking some other official visits."

"I went to a lot of good schools, Miami (12-14), Southern Cal (1-25). I went to Alabama a lot, but I didn't take an official visit there. I took notes on each visit to document and compare notes. I wanted to compare each school to each other."

"My final two schools ended USC and Georgia. There were no negatives for both, but why go so far away from home to get the same thing I can get in my own state? So I'm staying home. That's the best place for me and my family."

Jackson has been a star at Griffin for the last three years, and he's working hard to make sure he stars as  a Bulldog as well.

"I'm 6-4.5 and 260 pounds right now. My forty time has actually gotten faster though. I'm running a 4.69 right now. I've been working out a lot and training. I've been putting on a lot of weight, but it's positive weight."

No matter how solid the commitment, fans can always feel a sigh of relief when the player is done taking his official visits.

Jackson went coast to coast to find out what he already knew, there's no place like home.

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