Mettenberger Commits to Dawgs

WATKINSVILLE – Zach Mettenberger thinks Georgia might be done with recruiting before October.

Zach Mettenberger

They may be done before the end of February at this rate.

The quarterback for Oconee County, Mettenberger became the fifth prospect to commit to the Bulldogs Saturday. Mettenberger said he let Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo know of his intentions earlier this week. He told Mark Richt today.

"It will be great," said Mettenberger of his decision to go to Georgia. "I know a lot of the players already, and I think it will be an easier transition than going to another college. Coach Bobo was really excited to hear that from me."

Mettenberger had been thinking about visiting Duke, Boston College, Florida State and others other the next few weeks, but decided to call other visits off because of his commitment to the Dawgs.

Mettenberger has been around the Georgia program for years. He's grown to know those in and around the football program well.

"I told Coach Richt that I wanted to come to Georgia today," Mettenberger said Saturday. "We talked about Jon (Richt)."

The future Clemson quarterback and future Georgia quarterback once played together on the same little league team, Mettenberger said.

"The first year he moved here we were on the same little league baseball team. I competed, but I was a little too young – Jon was better."

Mettenberger won't get a shot at Richt's son in college, but when he takes the field in a few years he will have plenty of fire power to back him up – already this week four other players have committed to Georgia – an impressive start for Georgia's class of 2009.

"Me, Vasser, Washaun, Moody and Burnette are already committed," he said. "It's crazy that it is going this fast. It seems at this rate that we will be done by October… maybe earlier," Mettenberger said.

Maybe earlier indeed – the Bulldogs are off to the fasted commitment start of the Mark Richt era.

As for Mettenberger, who gets to play college ball within ten minutes of his house – his family is very excited.

"My mom was ecstatic about the news. I went through all of my choices and Georgia seemed like the best fit. My dad has always wanted me to go to Georgia. They were both ecstatic about my decision."

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