Gators talking because they are lost

Florida has talked before Georgia games before. But this season it is out of fear.

Sure, Florida has talked trash about Georgia before. That is nothing new. But this season the reason that they have talked is different; this season Florida is talking trash out of fear.

Florida is absolutely scared that they will lay an egg against Georgia. The talk from the Gators is like that little dog that obnoxiously barks at you when you jog down the street. The message: "don't some near me, because you scare me."

Several Florida players, and some former Gators, are confident that Florida will once again have its way with the Bulldogs. In fact, they were confident enough about their chances against the Dawgs that they have encouraged Georgia to use their statements as bulletin board material.

Florida is wounded and confused; that is the only explanation for this type of behavior. They know that a Georgia win confirms their worst fears: that Steve Spurrier was the Florida program.

However, Georgia Head Coach Mark insists that with or without Spurrier, Florida is still dangerous.

"Florida is still Florida. They have beaten us 11 of the last 12 games. I think that we are still the underdog."

A loss to Georgia, a team that was dominated, no, humiliated at the hands of the Mighty Gators so many times in the 1990s would pour salt all over the wounds of Ron Zook and his team.

The fact of the matter is that Florida has done nothing this season to merit any sort of trash talking, so why start now? Should Florida win Saturday, let the Gators' mouths chomp away until next year's Gator Bowl clash. All of the pre-game chatter only means that the frightened Gators have one more thing on their mind when they take on Georgia, and considering the trouble that Florida has had winning games this season, one less thing to worry about would be a good thing.

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