VIDEO: Scouting Johnnie Farms

Dean Legge takes a look at one of the top offensive linemen in Georgia - Johnnie Farms.

I had heard about Johnnie Farms some time ago, and sent a camera out to see him when he was in the northern part of the state for the playoffs. I has been told Farms was probably the top lineman in the state for his class. This film does nothing to refute that.

It's easy to see why colleges have targeted him as their top lineman. Perry runs behind Farms a ton, and the lineman gets to the linebacker more often than not. Also included in the film is a fair amount of Farms playing defensive tackle for Perry. He's not being recruiting as a defensive player by most schools, but he performs well at that spot, too – often knocking off the helmet of those he tackles.

It seems to me Farms has a very aggressive nature. He just plain whips his foe several times, and its not like the guy he's going up against in this film is some small guy. Farms, I would say, didn't get challenged much, but most top-level players do. He's a pretty athletic lineman, who has no problem getting to the linebacker if he knocks his first hurdle to the ground. He seals off blocks well at the point of attack. Look at the second clip of the film as a good example of that. Farms turns his defender and then disposes of him to the turf. That happened a lot in the film.

Take a look for yourself at one of the top linemen in the state – Perry's Johnnie Farms.

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