Gillard getting offers from all over

Mike Gillard is highly touted linebacker out of Valdosta and a who's who of offers from the South.

Mike Gillard Profile

"Right now I have nine offers. I have offers from Miami, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, NC State, and Albama. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

"He was very excited to discuss his recent trip to the University of Georgia which took place a couple of weeks ago for their big junior day.

"I liked the facilities. I just loved it there and loved the staff. The coaches are real open and I got to sit down with Coach Richt for a while. He just asked me about my family and seemed like a really good guy."

Gillard's trip was his first to Athens and made quite the impression.

Another fact about Georgia has him fired up over the Bulldogs. "Georgia was the first to offer me, and my coach told me that was a big deal. They took their time to come and see me, and I really appreciate that."

He did say that he is also hearing a great deal from Georgia Tech and Florida, and that his options are open at the time. When asked about naming a top five Gillard had the following to say, "Georgia and Georgia Tech are two of my favorites, and I also like Florida, but I can't give a top five quite yet."

The outstanding junior has already made trips to Athens and Atlanta and hopes to be seeing some other schools here in the near future. "I want to see Miami and Florida's spring practices so that I can see their facilities and see what they have to offer."

Gillard is running track at the time which may cut into some of his travel but when asked about summer camps he said, "I will camp at Georgia, Georgia Tech, and maybe Florida this summer."

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