Robinson staying busy - real busy...

You would think Christian Robinson would be totally focused on his upcoming move to Athens this summer but instead this 2008 signee has been busy helping others.

When asked the question what have you been doing lately Robinson responded with the following: "I just got back from a mission trip in Honduras, and I will be heading to Africa for another one in five weeks."

Robinson said the mission trip was through a school sponsored mission group and while in Honduras they poured cement floors for homes and spent time with children in the local community village they were helping. His trip to Africa will consist of making bricks in order for the people there to build homes.

When not playing the role of good Samaritan Robinson has found some time to concentrate on football.

"I have been working out and trying to get focused. My dad and I watch a lot of film, and try to find things that I could do better and improve on. So far a couple of things that stand out to me are my footwork, and my general knowledge of my position."

His father's recent rise to the head coaching position at Greater Atlanta Christian School has his son both proud and excited.

"I'm excited for the upcoming team and I know their early morning workouts have taken on a whole new intensity. I think my dad has brought a sense of accountability to the program which will take them a long way." also asked Robinson about his talented teammate Julian Horton.

Horton is expected to be one of the top five recruits in the state of Georiga for 2010.

"He has all the tools and physical ability to accomplish anything he wants. He has a dream and a goal, and just needs to keep a humble attitude throughout this whole process."

Robinson will be entering Georgia with the rest of the 2008 class that is not already on campus in June, and he may get a shot at the tight end spot, which has one less player now that Na Derris Ward has left Georgia.

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