O Line gets new faces

ATHENS – Georgia released an offensive line depth chart Wednesday – for what that's worth.

VIDEO: Mark Richt talks about new starter Kiante Tripp in the video below...

"The pre-spring depth chart is the toughest one to do," head coach Mark Richt said. "That lineup is bound to change more than any other time of the year. Usually it changes after a scrimmage, and we scrimmage a good bit in the spring. Every once in a while, it'll happen right in the middle of a practice."

That's especially true on the offensive line, where the five names in the starting spots are as fluid as any. Left tackle Trinton Sturdivant and right guard Clint Boling are the only two starters that seem to have their spots locked down. The other three listed starters are Vince Vance at left guard, Chris Davis at center and Kiante Tripp at right tackle.

In fact, Tripp is the only player listed at right tackle. That's an indication of how meaningless a spring practice depth chart can be rather than a belief that Tripp has the position nailed down, Richt said. That being said, Tripp, a converted defensive end, may end up starting there.

"Right now, Kiante is doing everything you could ask him to do, and that's bust your tail in the weight room and in mat drills," Richt said. "Now he just has to stick his hands on somebody and wear people out. We want him to lock on and move his feet and be able to pass protect the way he is capable of. There is going to be some competing out there no doubt, but I really like what Kiante has done."

Two of the most key people in determining how the offensive line eventually will look are Justin Anderson and Chris Davis. Anderson is listed as the backup right guard, but he's a player all the Bulldogs think could be a star.

"If he puts it all together, it's going to be very difficult to keep him off the field," Richt said.

So Anderson could then replace Vance, who also could play tackle as a starter or backup. And then, "if a center besides Chris Davis shows up in a real strong way, can Chris go back to guard?"

All of these are questions the Bulldogs will try to answer in the next 15 practices, starting with Monday's afternoon workout, and if the questions linger on into fall practice, that's not the end of the world, quarterback Matthew Stafford said.

"I don't think at this point it matters too much," Stafford said. "Our spring offensive line last year is way different from what we entered the year at. It's more those guys getting work. If we can jell and get something going right now, great. If not, it's a work in progress like it is for every team. It's not huge."

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