Gibson struggled with the new cast

Gibson struggled with the new cast Wednesday

ATHENS, Ga. - When Fred Gibson was fitted with a smaller cast on his left hand Tuesday night, the hope was he would have more flexibility and confidence as a receiver on Wednesday.

Instead, Gibson struggled with the new cast Wednesday and was considering a return to the more bulky cast he used in practice Monday and Tuesday.

"I think he felt more comfortable with the big cast,'' Coach Mark Richt said Wednesday. "I thought he was using both hands more when (the surgically repaired left thumb) was completely covered up. He was exposed today and he kept that thing as far away from the ball as possible.''

Admitted Gibson: "I was just kind of scared to even put my hand up because my hand was sore today after trying to catch the ball (Tuesday).''

Added Richt: "If we had played (Florida) today, he would not have played. He looked pretty far away (from playing) today.''

Gibson had surgery last week to repair a torn ligament in the thumb.

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