VIDEO: Matthew Stafford talks Spring Football

ATHENS - Georgia cornerback Matthew Stafford talks football with Dean Legge.

Matthew Stafford

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I think we are in a good state of mind, and we are working hard. People would expect a let down after the finish the season we had, but I think we have great momentum and excitement into the workouts.

One what changed during the 2007 season: Man I don't know; probably the never-say-die attitude of the team. We really got into having fun again. I think we started playing as a team. I think that was one of the biggest steps we made in getting on that winning steak.

On Kris Durham: He's a quiet guy. He's not flashy. He's not going to make you go "wow", but he's going to get the job done. He ran a couple of guys on in the Sugar Bowl, and made some plays some people probably didn't expect him to make. We are expecting more of the same for him.

On Tripp Chandler: We have historically depended on the tight end. I think we are going to need him to make intermediate and long plays down the field. We are going to need more of the same from him.

On the most annoying thing about spring ball: No game. G-Day… that's not a game.

How tough are mat drills on you? Me being a tall dude – not 185 like Logan Gray, who zooms through them – they are pretty tough, but I think I have gotten better at them this year.

On "being the leader" now: That's fine. I take that responsibility now, and I like it. I am just trying to get this team ready to play and where we need to be.

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