Evans won't discuss Felton's future

ATLANTA - Georgia athletics director Damon Evans didn't guarantee that Dennis Felton will have a job next year, but he had plenty of words of praise Saturday night after the Bulldogs advanced to the SEC Tournament final.

"Dennis has done a terrific job in this tournament," Evans said. "Obviously we can all see that. I commend him for that. The team has done an outstanding job. I want to finish this tournament out, and that's what we're going to do. He certainly hasn't hurt his chances."

Evans didn't want to make a definitive statement for fear of detracting from his team's performance on the field, he said.

"I'm looking at the whole season," Evans said. "I told everyone I look at the whole season. I'll say this, he's putting himself in a good position. He is not hurting himself at all."

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