Dawgs make pitch to Smith

ATHENS – Branden Smith was escorted quickly to a very important person when he arrived in Athens.

Branden Smith profile

"When I checked in they took me to see Coach Richt right away," said Smith. "That felt real good. It felt like I was the only one who talked with privately because everyone was eating at the time."

Smith was in town to see Georgia's annual spring game – G-Day. The Washington product said he walked around Sanford Stadium – taking in the pre-game atmosphere.

"I really thought they played well even with the rain," Smith said of the Bulldogs.

Smith may be a target for the Dawgs, but several of the usual suspects are interested in the Atlanta native, too. He confirmed that he talks with a slew of schools, but that a few talk with him more than others.

"I talk with Georgia, Auburn, Florida, Florida State and Georgia Tech," Smith said.

The rising senior's name popped up on the recruiting radar earlier this spring. In that time he's gotten attention from all over the South. He admits that all of the attention is great to have, but he understands that he's going to have to make a decision sometime in the future.

"I'm looking at graduation rates and getting along with the players and coaches," he said when asked what will help him pick a college. "That stuff is different at different schools, and you want to get along with the players and coaches. Everyone can't stay the same, but right now all of the schools are even."

Georgia is trying for things not to be even, and that's why the Dawgs gave Smith such attention on Saturday.

"Coach Richt said that he really wants me to come to Georgia," Smith said. "He told me that it's my decision to make, but he wants me at Georgia."

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