VIDEO: Scouting Zach Mettenberger

WATKINSVILLE - Take a look at Georgia commitment Oconee County quarterback Zach Mettenberger in this game during the 2007 season.

Zach Mettenberger

The most obvious thing about Zach Mettenberger is his size. A towering quarterback, Mettenberger will never have a problem looking over the offensive line. Right now he's at 6-5, 233 and he's still got time to grow. It won't be odd if he is 250 when he shows up at Georgia.

Recruiting, often, is about potential. That's why Georgia has been all over this local product for some time. Mettenberger is still young, and is starting on a new head coach and offensive system for his final season in Watkinsville – that could provide a hurdle at the start of the season. He moves fine in the pocket, but won't be confused as a scrambler in the near future. Mettenberger was not blessed with an outstanding offensive line last season, and his body paid the price for it. Still, he had no problem absorbing hits from defenders. Also, Mettenberger has no problem checking down, and throwing the appropriate pass for the situation he's in.

The thing that sets Mettenberger apart more than anything else is his arm. If he were on campus at Georgia he would have the second-strongest arm behind only Matthew Stafford. You just can't coach that arm. Mettenberger is starting to look a lot like former Tennessee quarterback Eric Ainge did in Knoxville – the traditional tall pocket quarterback who can distribute the ball. He doesn't have a ton of talent around him at Oconee – maybe a player or two on the offensive side that can do something with the ball – so it's pretty much on the signal caller to get the job done. Mettenberger plans to enroll early at Georgia, so he will have time to start getting Georgia's system before the fall.

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