Robinson returns from mission trip

Christian Robinson just got back from a mission trip to Africa, and begins to prepare for life in Athens.

Christian Robinson has only been back in the US a little over a week after spending two weeks in Africa helping others.

"The trip went really well. We spent a great deal of our time working. We were making bricks for the school there in Namibia. We also spent a lot of time playing soccer with the kids there."

The name of the school the group was aiding was the Community of Hope School, and living conditions weren't all that bad.

"We slept in a house with dorm style rooms, but we spent most of the week taking cold showers because they didn't fix the hot water until the last couple of days there."

The meals were also interesting as Robinson experience some weight loss while on the trip.

"We ate crocodile, zebra, and goat which was interesting. We also ate a lot of salads. I lost eight pounds while on the trip. Before I left I was consistently weighing 210 but now I'm down to 205."

Robinson wasn't able to attend Georgia's spring game because of the trips but he said he had plans to catch it on CSS as soon as possible. Now that he is done with mission trips Robinson is happy to be able to focus on being a Dawg this summer.

"I've been lifting and running trying to gain back the weight I lost in Africa. I think I'll be able to get back to where my weight was soon."

Robinson will be coming to Georgia with the rest of the class of 2008 in June.

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