Q&A with Brandon McGee

ATHENS - Dawg Post catches up with Brandon McGee, one of the top cornerback prospects in the state of Florida.

Parker Morgan: What do you know about Georgia right now?

Brandon McGee: I have a guy that went to my school that's actually at Georgia right now, Jeffrey Horn, and he tells me a lot about Georgia and everything. A lot about the city and what not. But that's pretty much all I know. I know Aaron Murray. I'm pretty good with Aaron. He tells me about it all the time. Pretty much all I know is word of mouth. I haven't really had the chance to get up around the campus to see the city or anything.

PM: Do you think you'll be visiting Georgia any time soon?

BM: I'm definitely planning to take a visit to Georgia to this summer.

PM: Is Coach Martinez the main guy recruiting you?

BM: Actually it's coach Jancek. But yeah I talk to coach martinez a lot too, but the main guy is coach Jancek.

PM: What kind of impact does Aaron Murray's commitment have on you?

BM: With Georgia landing Aaron Murray, that's pretty big. It's a Florida guy. I've actually played against him in 7-on-7 tournaments. He's a great quarterback. With me playing the position in high school, I really know what a great quarterback is. Aaron hurray is one of those guys. It kind of helps Georgia out, being that they've got one of the top quarterbacks coming in in Aaron Murray.

PM: What are your plans with regards to the rest of your recruitment and making a commitment?

BM: This summer I'm planning a trip with my dad where we're going to a lot of the schools in the South and a bunch in the Midwest. I'll either make my decision before the season, and if not then, I'll make it in early January some time.

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