Q&A with Darren Myles

ATHENS - Dawg Post catches up with Carver High standout safety Darren Myles

Parker Morgan: What's the recruiting process been like for you?

Darren Myles: Really I'm just getting used to it. At first it was kind of hectic. All the different coaches calling, different sports analysts, writers. I'm just learning to enjoy it. I know some people wish they were in my shoes.

PM: How many offers do you currently have?

DM: 31 offers.

PM: Out of all those, have you started to narrow down your list at all?

DM: Not yet. I'm going to have that by the beginning of next month. I'm going to do some visits this summer and that will be a big part of my top 5, 10, 15, whatever I have.

PM: Do you have any schools you know will be getting visits?

DM: I'm going to take a look at all the schools, right now.

PM: Do you have any kind of preference for a conference or region you'd like to play in?

DM: No sir, not really.

PM: What has been your impression about Georgia so far?

DM: Georgia was the first school that noticed my talent. I went to the football camp up there. Coach Martinez came up to me and let me know that they were interested. Basically telling me, this is when I was a sophomore, by next summer you're going to have a scholarship. They were one of the first people that noticed me, so I show love back to them.

PM: Is coach Martinez the main guy recruiting you?

DM: Coach Martinez and coach Rodney Garner.

PM: What was coach Martinez telling you about playing at Georgia?

DM: He was just letting me know that if I want to get to the next level he can do that for me, and make sure I graduate as well.

PM: Have you visited up there?

DM: I've visited Georgia twice.

PM: What kinds of things are you looking for in the school you end up attending?

DM: Somewhere I feel like I'm at home, since I'm going to be away from my family. Somewhere I'm going to finish school and graduate.

PM: Could you describe yourself as a player, both in terms of strengths and weaknesses?

DM: My strengths are my aggressiveness, tackling, leadership on the field, and knowledge of the game. My weakness would probably be loosening my hips. And I'd like to improve on my speed.

PM: Do you plan to commit before your senior season, or do you have a plan yet for that decision?

DM: I'm going to wait until I take at least two official visits, but I plan on saying where I'm committing on ESPN at the Under Armour All-American game. That's the plan right now.

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