A new playmaker on the corner

Jennings said that he used the lack of interest from some schools as motivation when he arrived at Georgia.

Not very highly recruited coming out of Orangeburg-Wilkenson High School, Tim Jennings has splashed onto the scene at the University of Georgia. But before making a big impact in Athens, Jennings said that he used the lack of interest from some schools as motivation when he arrived at Georgia.

"When we all got here, there were no rankings. I had a chip on my shoulder and I wanted to prove a lot of people wrong," said Jennings.

Although Jennings was not highly sought after by Clemson and South Carolina, his in-state schools, Georgia perused him. When the Dawgs landed him last spring, a certain buzz surrounded Jennings, mainly because he was a mystery to most Georgia fans.

But now, all Georgia fans know who Jennings is and what he can do. For instance, last week against Ole Miss, Jennings picked off an Eli Manning pass and rocketed 64 yards for a touchdown.

"I was thinking about scoring," said Jennings. It turns out that he had extra motivation to score on his second career touchdown because of what happened on his first.

"After the Florida game I got so much grief about letting (quarterback Rex) Grossman catch me," said Jennings in a soft tone.

Now that Jennings' has proved that he can in fact outrun quarterbacks, his playmaking abilities are evident, and many are comparing him to former Georgia cornerback Tim Wansley.

Similar in stature, both Wansley and Jennings have heard cheers from the Bulldog faithful with their playmaking abilities on the corner.

"(Tim Wansley) has been an inspiration; everyone talks about how great of player he was," said Jennings. "But I am not on the level that he was."

However, Jennings is willing to sacrifice to achieve the same lofty play as Wansley. "Whatever I need to do to help the team, I am wiling to do it. Hopefully I will keep healthy and make the best of it here, I love it here. I want to keep getting better."

Jennings said that his work ethic and the strength and conditioning program at Georgia are crucial to his development.

"In the weight room, I will work on my lower body in order to get faster. We do all sorts of drills in the off-season; I am going to try to get my technique right," he added.

This week, however, Jennings, like the rest of the Dawgs, is only thinking about Auburn.

"We know that Auburn is going to try and take (the SEC title) from us. But we are very focused. Our heads are on straight."

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