Jackson: 'Waiting on my test score'

ATHENS - Dawg Post catches up with Toby Jackson to find out about his status for getting to Athens.

Parker Morgan: What are you doing right now to get ready for Athens?

Toby Jackson: Right now I'm just working out and conditioning and stuff like that.

PM: What's your schedule for getting up there?

TJ: I'm supposed to report on June second, and I'm waiting on my test score to get back, and it may not be back in time.

PM: So if you don't get your score back in time?

TJ: They were just like if my test score comes back in time by early June I could still come in a few days later, but if it's later than that, I'll just report right before camp in July.

PM: When did you take the test?

TJ: I took the test probably two weeks ago and I'm waiting on my score to come back. Basically I just need the score to come back.

PM: This is the ACT?

TJ: Yes.

PM: So what are the other potential outcomes?

TJ: If I don't make the test score I have to make I might have to go to Hargrave for a semester and report to Georgia in December.

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