Baseball very likley now for Avery

ATLANTA – Xavier Avery knew this day would come… Mark Richt did, too.

Avery was selected in the second round of the Major League Baseball Draft today by the Baltimore Orioles. The high draft pick means that the talented athlete will likely play professional baseball rather than college football.

"I think this means I am probably going to play baseball," Avery said with excitement. "The only way I don't see myself doing that is if something happens wrong with the contract."

Avery said he was drafted "pretty much where I thought I would go". The Cedar Grove product was hosting a party at his house this evening – a celebration for the achievement of being drafted so high.

"My parents are real proud of this," Avery said. "I am excited to get to play baseball."

Avery's likely move fulltime to baseball is not a stunner. Many baseball experts thought he would likely be drafted in the first three rounds of today's draft. As early as eight months ago Avery conceded that it would be hard to pass up baseball if he was drafted "in the first couple of rounds" of the draft.

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