2008 Mark Richt Camp: Opinion & Observations

ATHENS – Dean Legge and Quentin Grant's opinions and observations from Georgia's 2008 Mark Richt Camp.

It's hard not to notice Georgia's two quarterbacks – it's no wonder these Dawgs are the envy of most programs around the country. Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger are two of the top quarterbacks we have seen in some time.

Zach Mettenberger

The Oconee star has grown leaps and bounds since this time last year when he was discovered. The facts on Mettenberger have not changed: he is the prototypical signal caller's size. He has a huge arm. Those two things are obvious attributes most quarterbacks just don't have – he's ahead of the curve from that standpoint. Still, it's evident that Mettenberger is raw, but that's what makes him one heck of a prospect – he has serious upside, and it's starting to be realized. Legge said, "That arm is still huge – so is the upside." Grant said, "If Murray was not here people would be drooling over Mettenberger."

Aaron Murray

Georgia's Mr. Florida had the best day of any camper in our opinion. Every ball was on target – even the deep balls. When I (Legge) saw Murray compete the day of his commitment to Georgia he was playing at a high school near water and it was very windy. There was no wind today – his arm is precise. Murray was Mr. Football for a reason – his pickup over Florida seems bigger today than it did a few months ago. Legge said, "He delivers the ball to the spot." Grant thinks Murray throws the "best" ball here. Grant also liked Murray's footwork a ton. Grant called Murray's motion "effortless".

Chase Vasser

John Jancek is took advantage of the time he had with Georgia commit Chase Vasser. He talked with him a lot – coaching him up at every chance he got. Vasser is still a little raw, too, but his speed is obvious. Still, the Chestatee prospect was working on his 40-yard dash – trying to get it better – after running a speed he must not have been happy with. Grant says "Great body. He really looked coachable. Those guys are really coaching the hell out of him." Legge says: "Yet another Georgia commit with some serious upside. Vasser can run, but he's still getting the nuances down."

Orson Charles

The hybrid tight end/wide receiver Orson Charles likes to have a good time on the field – and that body is pretty well perfect for college football. He's got the size and speed to play a couple of different spots, but he looks great at tight end. He's not going to be covered by many at this camp – if any. Legge says: "It's the same Charles I saw in Tampa – the guy folks have a hard time dealing with on the line and in the secondary. He's pretty much what you want in a tight end."

Mike Bowman

It seems Bowman came to Athens with something to prove, and we are convinced he proved it – will it help him get an offer from the in-state Dawgs? That's a good question… he didn't hurt his chances today. Corners cannot deal with his physical upper body. Grant says: "Best-looking receiver I saw here. He competes. I like his body." Legge says: "Nice arms. He had one heck of a catch on a fade. He is big and physical."

Corey Miller

This is a player Georgia seems very interested in – they can join the club. There are schools from all over the country interested in Miller and rightfully so. Grant says: "He's athletic enough to play a little linebacker. He would be in my top five kids here. I like him a lot. I think he can add muscle soon – he will blow up in the weight room." Legge says: You can't argue with that body he's got."?

Brandon Willis

Grant says: "Where does Byrnes get all these kids from? He could maybe play a little DT or DE. He has great feet and really gets off the ball well. He was very impressive in the one on one drills." He and Miller were liked enough to get a personal escort to the car from Coach Fabris at the end of the day, so that should tell you all you need to know about these guys.

Marcus Lattimore

The running back was another head turner from Byrnes. Quentin says: "He looked good in the position drills and seemed to have the Georgia coaches showing him constant attention throughout the day." Dean says: "Lattimore was one many thought was a Clemson or South Carolina guy but after talking to some people at camp that may not be the case here. We all know how Spurrier likes to throw it, and we also know that Clemson is absolutely loaded at running back. So don't be surprised if Lattimore gives Georgia a pretty hard look". He is also a 2010 kid, so this thing will probably go for a while with him.

Most talented Position of the Day

The Defensive End's really stole the show today. This was by far the most talented group and the deepest group at camp. Many of them looked as if they could play at a BCS school. Miller and Willis from Byrnes were the two most impressive out of all the defensive ends, but there weren't any slouches to be found either.

Position that left you looking for more

The wide receivers were not what you would expect. Michael Bowman stood out in this crowd, but after that there weren't a lot of kids that caught your eye. In years past the wide receivers were a group that would really turn your head, but this year that just wasn't the case.

Hardest position to evaluate

The defensive backs are a tough group to evaluate in a camp setting. After their forty times, you don't get a lot to look at in their position drills. The seven on seven is about the only place to really evaluate them, but the offense is at such an advantage here (especially with Murray and Mettenberger delivering the football) that it isn't really fair to the defensive backs

Final Thoughts

It's always disappointing when certain guys don't show that you expect to see (Gilliard and Roberson to name a couple) but that tends to be nature of the beast at these camps. Overall the talent level was high and there was plenty to keep your eyes on. The Mark Richt camp has become more about kids two and three recruiting classes away instead of the next year's class. The days of getting several commits for your upcoming class are basically over because by June you should have over half of your class in the bank. In Georgia's case when the sun rose this morning they were two thirds of the way there for 2009; so today was really about 2010, which was well represented.

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