College World Series Notebook: June 20th

OMAHA, NE – Parker Morgan's news and notes from America's Heartland.

RAIN DELAY: Georgia was scheduled to play today against Stanford in a potential elimination game for the Cardinal. That was contingent, however, on LSU and North Carolina having their own elimination game last night. The weather did not cooperate however, with lightning and rain preventing that game from being played. As a result, everything was pushed back a day.

"You deal with weather issues all the time. Mother nature wins most of the time. You just handle it and move on," Georgia head coach David Perno said.

As for any lack of focus from the schedule shift, Perno said he isn't worried.

"It's part of it. It's something we couldn't control. The only thing we can control is that we play good baseball. And with a veteran team you don't worry about those types of things too much. We've got a bunch of good leaders and they handle it the right way," he said.

And he also doesn't expect to have to pull out any extra motivation to keep the players' heads in the right place.

"If they don't have the edge now, then I don't think I can change their minds," he said.

SUITCASE WARRIORS: Georgia arrived in Omaha on Thursday the 12th and proceeded to play two games in the next four days. That ratio did not hold.

Having been idle since beating Stanford 4-3 on Monday night, the Dogs are trying to benefit from the additional rest and avoid any potential rust.

"But it's good time off. It's rewarded time off for winning your first two games. We couldn't get a day off the whole season but all of a sudden now we're in the World Series and we've got too many days off. But there's nothing we can do. I don't want to make a big deal about it. It's just one day. We've got to play baseball," Perno said.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: The last time Georgia had two opportunities to close out a team was in the Athens Super Regional against NC State. And it was a good thing, as the Dogs needed both of those games.

So far in Omaha their victories have been extremely tight and not without some good fortune on Georgia's part. This history gives them confidence going against tough competition, but doesn't mean they wouldn't mind avoiding any more elimination games.

"That'd be nice. Not to have a nail biter every game. But I'll take it any way we can get it," said Georgia reliever Alex McRee, adding, "we've faced elimination games, but these teams are a little bit better. If we face elimination games against these guys they're very well capable of putting us out so I'd rather not face it against these guys."

Perno said that his team's success at pulling out those close games in a way defines them and gives them great confidence in pressure situations.

"You know thats what we did all year though. We were real good in close games. Thats who we are. We pitch, play great defense, tremendous relief pitching, and try to score one more run than they do. Tight games and games on big stages against good teams is nothing new to this team," he said.

TELEVISION CHANGE: Should Georgia have to play Stanford again on Sunday, fans will have to watch that game either on ESPN Classic or

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