CWS: What to Wear?

OMAHA, NE – It's not like the limited choices football has... it's not like that at all.

Even when Mark Richt's Bulldogs pulled out the black jerseys for the first time in history that made for only the third jersey type the football Dawgs used in 2007. The Diamond Dawgs, on the other hand, have used multiple uniform combinations over the last few years.

The mix and match of baseball outfits is something that comes with the game. Georgia has been to Omaha three times in the last five years and the Bulldogs have worn the multiple combinations of uniforms in each appearance.

But this year the Bulldogs have worn only two jerseys to the College World Series – red tops with white bottoms and hats and an all-white uniform. They have simplified their wardrobe options.

That means David Perno and his Dawgs left the gray and black uniforms and home, or at least he's decided not to bring them out. It seems clear – a baseball blackout won't happen in the CWS Championship.

"We have the black, but it's just the white if we are home and the red if we are on the road," he said.

While Georgia's players admit they like their alternate colored jerseys – the grey and black outfits – they are fine with the simple red and white.

"I like our greys," short stop Gordon Beckham said. "But we like the red and whites. We are happy with them."

The current red tops being worn, with the word "GEORGIA" on the front, was an in-season replacement for the old red jerseys, which had "BULLDOGS" across the chest. Third baseman Ryan Peisel likes the change.

"We got those reds going into the Regionals," he said. "Those new ones fit better. They are soft – they were not cardboard hard like the ones we were using before that. We think the white hat goes well with those red tops, too."

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