Fields gets Back to Basics

OMAHA, NE – Joshua Fields got tired of thinking too much.

Georgia's ace reliever come in to Rosenblatt Stadium Monday night and put down Fresno State's top of the order one-two-three. The performance stood in stark contrast to the Hull native's performance two days ago against Stanford.

"Tonight I just tried not to think," he said. "I tried not to be too fine. For some reason of late I've been thinking too much on the mound."

Just get up there and throw it – he thought… actually he didn't think – he just did. And my how it worked. One ball was smoked to the outfield, but it was just a long out. Fields got it stuff back – and just in time.

Georgia's furious rally would have gone for not, and the Dawgs would be up against the wall again if the Fields wasn't able to get back to his old self. The clutch Fields Georgia fans are accustomed to is throwing a combination of intimidation and confusion, and that's what he displayed tonight.

As soon as Georgia got the lead in the 8th innings coach David Perno rushed around a TV camera and screamed for the citadel-like Georgia bullpen to get Fields going. Perno knew Fields would come around – he stressed that Sunday. But, he knew Fields needed work. Perno, a now veteran coach who slashed his way through a who's who of college baseball coaches to get to the CWS Championship Series, had faith that his guy would get the job done when the game was tight – and he was dead on right.

Fields, who knows a thing or two about faith, decided he'd better get back to what he knows – trusting his God-given ability to throw a baseball, and not worrying about anything else.

"I think last year helped me get pretty mentally tough this year," he said. "You are going to have bad days. I wanted to quit thinking about negative stuff and go out there and pitch."

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