What to Watch For: UGA v. Fresno Game 3

OMAHA, NE – Parker Morgan brings you the guide to Game 3 of the national championship series between Georgia and Fresno State.

Parker Morgan's live blog from Rosenblatt Stadium

GEORGIA'S PITCHING STAFF: Georgia head coach David Perno isn't having any secrets about who he will rely on to win Georgia its second national championship in school history.

"We're going to start Nathan Moreau. You're going to see Dean Weaver. You're going to see Alex McRee. You're going to see Josh Fields. Everybody else is going to be cheerleading. That's what we're going to do. We're in game 3, game 7, whatever you want to call it. Those are the guys that got us here, and they're going to get the ball (today)," he said.

It isn't an absolute necessity, but if Georgia can get five innings out of Moreau – that would be a great indicator of its likelihood of victory. Weaver has yet to throw against Fresno State, and will be well rested, so stringing together some solid innings from Moreau then having Weaver and McRee buy time until Fields enters the game would be what Georgia is looking to do. If Moreau, like Nick Montgomery yesterday, has to be pulled in the third inning, then Georgia will be looking at a tough road to victory against Fresno's red-hot lineup.

SLUMPING STARS: Matt Olson and Bryce Massanari had until recently been two of Georgia's most reliable hitters. But in the national championship series, they have been struggling.

Olson went 1-for-6 against Fresno last night and Massnari went 0-for-3 with a walk. In the top of the 7th inning Massnari was pulled in favor of Jake Crane.

"He's just not bringing the energy he was bringing behind the plate. I expect more from him defensively. I just wasn't getting it and know we can get it from Jake, and just felt it was time to make the move," Perno said about the switch.

Georgia got excellent contribution from the bottom of its lineup last night and still lost. That cannot always be counted on. The Dawgs need Olson and Massanari to make things happen at the top of the order to give Georgia its best shot at victory.

TAKING PUNCHES EARLY: If Georgia gets down early today, it can't get down on itself. As Fresno proved yesterday, the key to coming back from an early deficit is simply too play within your own ability and not try and press too much.

"The biggest thing was there was no sense of panic. It was just keep taking good at-bats. Get runners on base. And make something happen," said Fresno left fielder Steve Susdorf.

One would think Fresno can't possibly hit as well as they did yesterday again, but the other Dogs might come flying out of the gate with the momentum they built up yesterday. If that happens, Georgia has to stay relaxed – or else it could be another long night, and one that ends with the trophy nobody wants.

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