Georgia picks up public verbal #16

For the first time in this recruiting year, Georgia has ventured outside the state lines to pick up a commitment. <b>Andy Bailey</b> is a strong legged kicker from Tennessee, and he has decided to cast his lot with the Dawgs.

Georgia has picked up their 16th public verbal commitment, and this is the first one that has come from outside the state borders. Andy Bailey is a 6-4 and 215 pound kicker from McMinn County High School in Athens, TN, and he has decided to cast his lot with the Dawgs.

"He committed to Georgia this weekend," said McMinn Assistant Coach Terry Corum. "I know Oklahoma and Alabama were after him real hard, but I don't know who else had offered him yet. I don't have his stats right here with me, but I can tell you he kicked a 53 yard field goal to beat Cumberland 30-28 earlier this season. About 90% of his kickoffs went for touchbacks, and he kicked a few of them through the uprights. He's got the strongest leg I've ever seen around here. He just has a different sound to his kicks than most kicker. You can hear the difference when he kicks the ball. I think he has a chance to play on Sundays. I really do."

The kicking game has been an unquestioned strength of Georgia's 10-1 run to the SEC East Championship, and players like Bailey will help continue that tradition. A Bailey from Athens, was there any question where he'd end up?

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