Vasser gets back into the flow

Chase Vasser knows this is the last normal summer he will have in some time.

That's why he decided to visit his aging grandparents one last summer.

"I have been out of town since the Georgia (Mark Richt)camp visiting my grandparents, who have been a major impact on my life," Vasser said. The linebacker indicated that his grandparents' health is not what it once was and that he wanted to spend time with them now before the hectic life of college football starts next year.

"I spent a week with my grandfather playing golf," Vasser said. "It's something we've done for the last few years, and like I said they have been a major impact on my life."

Vaction, Vasser said, ended this week when he got back to town.

"I think a lot of my teammates were looking to see if I could finish our workouts," he said. "It was hard, but I did it."

He did it with the help of screaming coaches from the Chestatee staff.

"Every day the coaches are screaming "Gainesville – fourth quarter," Vasser said with a laugh. "I enjoy it. I keep thinking about this being my senior year and doing it big for my boys. I was a little sore because of the time I had off, but I have been really eager to get back to working out."

For the forseable future Vasser will be comsumed with football.

"We leave next week for camp and from that point we are pretty much into the season. We will get into full pads soon - knocking heads. It's going to be pretty intense," he said.

Adding to that is Vasser's intention to enroll early into school at Georgia. He, along with several other prospects committed to Georgia, are slated to get to Georgia in January – just in time for mat drills and spring practice.

Vasser got a pretty good look at what practice at Georgia can be like when he camped in Athens in June. Vasser was pushed by his position coach, John Jancek, during the event. It gave the duo time together in a coaching situation for the first real time, which was a sort of breaking in for the youngster.

"Coach Jancek made me go against every linebacker in my station and make me go against the best ones," Vasser said. "He said I was a quick leaner. He was in my face, and it was a major eye opener, and I loved it. I took me back a little, but he was testing me, and I think it went well. He taught me the way to get in a stance and everything about being a linebacker."

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