Position Look: Cornerback

ATHENS – In a week-long series of articles, Dean Legge takes a look at Georgia's recruiting; Now, the cornerbacks.

Overview: This group used to be young – it's not so much any more. Asher Allen is one of the top playmakers in the SEC. His corner skills are evident, but his work on kickoff return shouldn't be overlooked. His non-defensive plays, which included a fumble return, against Florida burned the Gators up good in 2007. He did virtually the same thing to Kentucky a few weeks later. Prince Miller is a feisty stopper on the other side. The South Carolina native, who is also vital to special teams at Georgia, took over the starting role for good before the mid-way point of last season. Bryan Evans is a better than average backup, but he's dealt with a few injuries that slowed him last season. Vance Cuff is the one to watch in this group. He could jump into a starting role… if needed. Brandon Boykin is more ready to play college football right now than Makiri Pugh, so if it comes down to one or the other it will be the Georgia native. Pugh played last fall, but he also missed a fair amount of the season for the second year in a row. I was worried about Trinton Sturdivant's durability last season, but he turned out fine – hopefully the same will be the case for Pugh.

Total corners: 7 in 2008; 7 in 2009 (at this moment)

Starters: Asher Allen and Prince Miller

Backups: Vance Cuff, Bryan Evans, Brandon Boykin and Makiri Pugh

Signed in 2008: Brandon Boykin and Makiri Pugh

Won't be here in 2009: Ramarcus Brown

Committed for 2009: Jordan Love

2009 Offers: Branden Smith (Washington), Dre Kirkpatrick (AL), Darius Winston (AR), Michael Carter (FL), Brandon McGee (FL), Jayron Hosley (FL), Travis Hawkins (MD)

What it all means: It is totally awesome that Georgia offered all of the out-of-state names listed above this paragraph. Still, the only player they really want to sign is Smith, and he's from Atlanta. Love was a guy who popped up on the radar in late spring after Tony Ball visited him in Virginia. Georgia doesn't go out of state to sign junk, so expect Love to be quality. With all of that said, Smith has been the number one target at this spot for a long time. His skill is going to keep a lot of schools around him after he commits to a team, too, so if he pulls the trigger for Georgia the Dawgs are going to have to hold on as Clemson, Auburn and the rest of the world isn't going to give up easy on him.

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