Position Look: Defensive End

ATHENS – In a week-long series of articles, Dean Legge takes a look at Georgia's recruiting; Now, the defensive ends.

Overview: Is there a coach at Georgia that consistently gets more from his players than Jon Fabris? No. Last season there was a fair amount of squawking about which two of the unproven defensive ends was going to start. Could Georgia depend on any of them? Folks should worry a lot less about Fabris' bunch – they are always ready. Jeremy Lomax has developed into a ready-to-go SEC football player… I wonder how many folks saw that coming when he signed. Lomax was a project, and he was a good risk to take as he's become a starter. Rod Battle, who could not have been considered a project, has been steady over the last few years. He's established himself as a starter opposite Lomax. Jarius Wynn will likely get some starts at some point this season – he's earned it with his play. The junior college transfer was needed for depth last season, but he came on strong to have a heck of a end of the season. It's disappointing to say the least to see what's happened with Michael Lemon. Demarcus Dobbs got steady playing time last fall. I would watch for both Neland Ball and Justin Houston. Word out of Athens is that pair is fierce. They seem to be the tandem of the future.

Total defensive ends: 8 in 2008; 6 in 2009 (at this moment)

Starters: Rod Battle and Jeremy Lomax

Backups: Jarius Wynn, Demarcus Dobbs, Neland Ball, Justin Houston, Jeremy Longo and Cornelius Washington

Signed in 2008: Jeremy Longo and Cornelius Washington

Won't be here in 2009: Jeremy Lomax and Jarius Wynn

Committed for 2009: None at this time

2009 Offers: Anthony LaLota (NJ), William Ming (AL), Montez Robinson (IN) and Dyron Dye (FL)

What it all means: I am unaware of Georgia offering an in-state defensive end. The Bulldogs may see other prospects in state at this spot which I am unaware of. Perhaps a linebacker will grow into a defensive end… that often happens, but right now all of Georgia's linebackers look, well, like linebackers. It will be interesting to see if Lemon's departure will mean the Bulldogs will go after defensive ends. Still, Georgia has signed four defensive ends in the last two years to the program.

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