Position Look: Interior Offensive Line

ATHENS – In a week-long series of articles, Dean Legge takes a look at Georgia's recruiting; Now, the interior offensive line.

Overview: I think its going to be interesting to see just how early Ben Jones starts a game in his career at Georgia. This is a guy who can not stop his motor if he had to. I bet if you tied Ben Jones up and double knotted everything he would chew his way out in less than five minutes – dude is tenacious and hyper, but in a good way. The best overall interior lineman, and perhaps the best lineman considering everything, is Clint Boling. He slipped up in the summer, but he's steady on the field. Justin Anderson is probably the best physical talent, however, on the offensive line for the Dawgs. If he puts everything together, which has been a little bit of a challenge, he will not be stopped, and he will likely pass Boling as my top lineman. Vince Vance has the body, but if Anderson comes on Vance will remain a backup at guard. Jones' emergence should make Chris Davis somewhat concerned about holding on to his starting job – at a very minimum about losing playing time to the youngster. Those two give Georgia a pretty good one-two at center. Ben Harden may get some reps at center, too. Tanner Strickland and Chris Little will both have to come along after dealing with injuries during redshirt seasons. A.J. Harmon will end up here if he doesn't start fall camp here. He's an offensive lineman… sorry.

Total interior offensive line: 11 in 2008; 13 in 2009 (at this moment)

Starters: Chris Davis, Clint Boling and Vince Vance

Backups: Tanner Strickland, Ben Harden, Kevin Perez, Ben Jones, Justin Anderson, Chris Little, A.J. Harmon and Jonathon Owens

Signed in 2008: A.J. Harmon (Some think he will play defensive tackle – I will move him over as soon as I see that happen) and Jonathon Owens.

Won't be here in 2009: Everyone returns

Committed for 2009: Dallas Lee and Chris Burnette

2009 Offers: Johnnie Farms (Perry) and John Martinez (UT)

What it all means: Lee and Burnette are the smart plays in state. Neither is going to give you any trouble before signing day, and both project to be good college players. I have not had the chance to see Burnette live, so my opinion on him could change. I have seen Lee live twice, and I a pretty sure he's an offensive guard. Johnnie Farms had the best film I saw of all the guards in state last year. I am not sure what's going on with his recruiting, and I'm not sure anyone does – which is the problem. Georgia, I am sure, likes what they have with Burnette and Lee – I don't expect anything to change at this spot.

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