Recruiting: What's Left for Georgia

ATHENS – The Mark Richt Camp, part two, is Friday and as always recruiting is the main focus of it.


Georgia will welcome many borderline 2009 players on Friday, and two to keep watch for in terms on on-the-spot offers are Centennial's Euclid Cummings and North Cobb's Derrick Lott. That duo is in a spot where the Dawgs could take a prospect or two – certainly after the dismissal of Michael Lemon. Lott was at the first Richt camp and was told to get his grades in order. If he did so he would get an offer. If Lott is offered I think he will commit to Georgia. I'm not as certain that Cummings would do the same, but I would not be surprised to see him commit as well. If those two committed Georgia would not be interested in other defensive linemen from that point forward.


Carver's Jarvis Jones, a hard-hitting linebacker from Columbus, and Washington's Branden Smith, who just decided to play in the Under Amour All-American Game, are without question Georgia's top targets. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I think there is some confusion on which is a more valuable prospect for Georgia. The fact is this: Georgia can live without Jones – they must have Smith. The defensive back has flirted with the idea of committing on national television, which may be one reason he picked the UA game – plus that game is in Florida, not Texas, so travel for his family would be much easier, he told me.

That's not to say Georgia is uninterested in Jones – to assume that from what I just wrote would be totally incorrect. The Dawgs are yanking linebacker offers – expect from Jones. The thinking is that Jones is one of the few players Georgia is willing to wait for… even until Signing Day.


Here is what's going on: Georgia is going to get what they want or they are going to take their ball and go home. Wouldn't you? Georgia just signed the best class of receivers in recent memory for the program. If the Dawgs can't get what they want this year then they are going to punt. There is no reason to sign someone you've already got in the lengthy list of receivers on campus now anyway. Georgia would love Memphis' Marlon Brown, but that looks like Southern Cal's to lose. Louisiana's Rueben Randle, also one of the top receivers in the country, is taking a look at Georgia. But I'm not aware that he's visited, so that's usually not a great sign. If he comes to Athens to check it out Georgia's chances will be better… if not forget it.

If those two player don't work out I am not sure who Georgia would sign from out of state. I would be stunned, at this time, if Georgia signed a wide receiver from in state. Jamal Patterson doesn't seem like an option for Georgia, and Michael Bowman doesn't quite have the grades to make Georgia interested in rolling the dice on him. Also, the 2010 in-state receivers are not that bad, so Georgia can just pick and choose from that group.


I talked with Arthur Fontaine last night – something is just clicking with him and Georgia; at least that's the way it feels. Another outlet quotes Fontaine saying that he will make another trip to Georgia. Boom. If that's the case this thing is Georgia's to lose. In the article I am writing, which will appear Monday, the tight end says: "I think I will go with my gut feeling, and I think that will be the right place for me." He also talked at length about going to college not just for football. The one thing not to be confused about, and Fontaine was real clear with me on this one, is that he is not interested in being recruited as an offensive tackle. "If a school is offering me at offensive tackle then I would not be interested in it because it's not the best position for me."

If Georgia does get Fontaine that does not mean they won't get Orson Charles. Aaron Murray has done a heck of a job pulling in players to come play with him in Athens; don't you think he would be able to pull in a teammate? Charles is a tight end, but he's a different - maybe even a slot guy - type of tight end than Fontaine. Orson is a more compact tight end. Really, if he signed with Georgia I think he could become like a bigger Michael Johnson-type guy. Fontaine is Tripp Chandler in that comparison. My point is this: Fontaine won't be confused with a wide receiver, Charles could be.

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