Fontaine to pick soon

It won't be long before Arthur Fontaine makes his college decision.

But before he does he will take one more trip to Athens.

"My mom was on the computer last Thursday looking at flights," he said. "She thinks we should take one more trip down before I make my decision."

The decision one seemed made – Fontaine had committed to Boston College earlier this year. But he was uneasy with the choice because he felt like he rushed the pick. Still, the Eagles are in the mix as one of his final four schools.

"I was so uneasy about my decision about BC," he admitted. "BC is my home-town school, so they are hard to miss. But there are so many things about Georgia, Virginia or Maryland. I wish one school had everything that I want in one. No school is perfect."

Georgia is hoping that Fontaine becomes one of the final pieces of their recruiting puzzle. His name is on a short list of prospects still being considered by the Bulldogs.

"Georgia called in March and they told me that they saw my film. They offered me a scholarship. They came all the way up here to see me, and that stuck to me. In the end Georgia is far away, but I think I can get along with anyone and that's an attribute that I have. I can get along with folks. That's why I am not concerned about distance," he said.

Fontaine added that the Dawgs' tight end coach John Lilly stays in touch with him by e-mail daily. Fontaine said last night that he will make his decision within the next few weeks. He hopes to have everything settled once and for all before the start of football, which is in three weeks for him.

"I won't know if I am making the right decision until four years from now," he said. "I need to talk with my family and go from there. I think I will go with my gut feeling, and I think that will be the right place for me."

Once he's made his decision, Fontaine says he will notified those schools he's no longer interested in to tell them the news.

"I got a good feel for all of those four. I am trying to see where I fit best as a student and then a football player," he said.

One thing Fontaine will not be, he says, is an offensive tackle. That is a position he's not interested in playing, and not interested in hearing about.

"If a school is offering me at offensive tackle then I would not be interested in it because it's not the best position for me," he said. "I just ran a 4.7 or a 4.6. If the coach were to tell me that I want to put me at tackle I just wouldn't go there. I don't think I would be successful at offensive line. Everyone has their opinion."

Fontaine said it's rare that he hears the offensive tackle talk from coaches, however, some have mentioned defensive end. He noted that Georgia is recruiting him as a tight end.

"No coach has ever brought up offensive tackle; some have mention defensive end and linebacker," he said.

The question for Georgia fans is this: is Fontaine coming down one last time to make sure Georgia is the place for him, or to eliminate is from his list once and for all?

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