Southern Football Bowl Projections Week 3

Georgia, Florida State, Maryland, Miami, Arkansas, Auburn, and LSU can all still get to the BCS, but some need more help than others. <p> Ole Miss and South Carolina fight for the SEC's final bowl spot.

Team Best Bowl Worst Bowl Likely Bowl Win needed for best bowl
FSU Orange Gator Orange NC State
Maryland Orange Peach Gator Virginia
NC State Peach Tangerine Tangerine FSU
Georgia Tech Peach Tire Tire Georgia
Virginia Gator Seattle Peach Maryland
Clemson Tangerine Tire Seattle South Carolina
Wake Forest Tire None None Maryland
Georgia Fiesta Citrus Sugar SEC Title Game
Florida Citrus Outback Citrus Florida State
Tennessee Peach Indy Peach Kentucky
Miami Fiesta Orange Fiesta Pitt
Virginia Tech Insight.com San Francisco Insight.com Miami
South Carolina Indy None None Clemson
Auburn Sugar Music City Music City Alabama
Alabama N/A N/A None N/A
Vanderbilt None None None None
Kentucky N/A N/A None N/A
Arkansas Sugar Music City Outback LSU
Mississippi St None None None None
Ole Miss Indy None Indy Georgia
LSU Sugar Music City Cotton Alabama
Duke None None None None
UNC None None None None

Team   Comment
FSU   Games against UF/NC State are critical
Maryland   Beat UVa and hope that FSU loses
NC State   Suddely Tangerine sounds good
Georgia Tech   Must trup up Dawgs to aviod the Tire Bowl
Virginia   Win over NC State vaults Cavs into Peach
Clemson   Beat the Cocks and get a better bowl, lose and bad bowl
Wake Forest   Likely on the outside looking in
Georgia   Win in title game=Sugar, with help= Tempe
Florida   Georgia's title means no BCS
Tennessee   Vols also need a win over UK or hello Shreveport
Miami   Canes control their own destiny for national title
Virginia Tech   Looking like a .com bowl, sad
South Carolina   Likely out of bowl game even with a win
Auburn   Must beat Tide for trip to Atlanta
Alabama   Can ruin Auburn's SEC title hopes with win
Vanderbilt   No bowl implications remain
Kentucky   Win over UT would send Vols to Shreveport
Arkansas   Beat LSU and State and will do no worse than Cotton
Mississippi St   Can only kill Ole Miss' chances for a bowl
Ole Miss   Beat State and will get Indy bid
LSU   West leader had better not slip against State or Arkansas
Duke   Game with UNC will be ugly
UNC   Game with Duke will be ugly

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