Q&A with Tavarres King

ATHENS - Dawg Post sits down with freshman receiver Tavarres King.

Parker Morgan: How have the summer workouts been going?

Tavarres King: They're going great. I'm getting conditioned pretty well. Strength and endurance.

PM: How much has enrolling early helped you?

TK: Loads. You can just tell the difference between high school and college. It's helped a lot. Speed, strength, weight gain. It's helped tremendously.

PM: Are the guys who just got here this summer struggling a bit?

TK: You can tell that they're not as ready. But they look good. We got them here for a reason.

PM: How does being here for the spring help your chances at playing in the fall?

TK: I think it helps my playing time chances a lot. Coach Eason – they've seen what I can do. I'm one of those quick guys who can catch a screen and get going with it. I feel like I can do that for this team.

PM: What's the dynamic been like between you and A.J. Green?

TK: It's awesome. We're good friends now. I think we eat together about once a week. He's a cool guy. On the field, he plays on the opposite side of me. Give us some time and I think we'll tear things up.

PM: With Georgia's habit of redshirting freshmen, how do the guys approach this season when they know that most of them won't be playing?

TK: Many people, they come to college ready to redshirt. That's five years of free education and getting faster and stronger and better at what you love to do. A lot of people come in wanting to redshirt, wanting to make themselves better.

PM: Speaking of making yourself better, where are you at with where you want to be physically?

TK: I feel like I'm almost there. I could use a good ten more pounds on my body. The main thing is I don't want to lose my speed. Speed is my game.

PM: But being here for the spring, you know you can take the hits even at a lower weight than you'd like to be at?

TK: Definitely. Football is way more mental than it is physical.

PM: What's it like to enroll at Georgia at a time with so much hype around the program?

TK: It's neat. It's going to be a huge experience. I couldn't pick a better time to be here. It's going to be fun. There's no words to describe it.

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