Gators still thinking about dance party

BIRMINGHAM – Much will be made of Georgia's end zone celebration against Florida as the two teams get ready to play on Nov. 1, and Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt has at an unlikely supporter in the incident.

"I think it was a good call by Coach Richt because that changed their season," Gators quarterback Tim Tebow said Wednesday. "That gave their players a spark; it gave them energy; it gave them something to be passionate about."

A refresher: Richt ordered his team to draw an excessive celebration penalty after its first score against Florida in a game that would become a 42-30 Georgia victory. That will undoubtedly add intensity to this year's game, which should have plenty of importance without any outside factors.

"I think it will definitely be intensified that much more," Tebow said. "It could be the top two teams in the country playing in that game."

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