2008 Media Days: Georgia News and Notes

BIRMINGHAM - Josh Kendall's news and notes from the 2008 SEC Media Days.

STURDIVANT, ANDERSON IN FOLD: Offensive linemen Trinton Sturdivant and Justin Anderson will not miss any game time due to their summer arrests on charges of simple battery.

"Unless I hear something new, it's a situation that needs to be disciplined, but it's going to be an in-house deal," Richt said.

Offensive lineman Clint Boling has been suspended for two games due to a summer arrest on a DUI charge.

TWO LOST: Georgia will have 21 of the 23 players it signed in February when practice starts next month, Richt said. Running back Xavier Avery has decided to play baseball after being selected in the second round of the Major League baseball draft, and defensive end Toby Jackson failed to qualify academically. Jackson will attend prep school and could enroll in Georgia in January.

TWO LITTLE, TOO LATE: The new Mark Richt doesn't have a strong opinion about the 40-second clock rule that will be instituted this year. The old Mark Richt would have loved it, Richt said.

"I'm kind of jealous at the timing," he said. "It didn't really hit when I needed it to."

The new rule will replace the 25-second clock. A 40-second countdown will begin as soon as an offensive play is finished, which eliminates the officials' discretion in how long they take to spot the ball and whistle the action live.

If it had been the rule when Richt took over the program seven years ago, it would have allowed him to run the fast break offense he intended to bring from Florida State, he said.

"My ambition was to play as fast as we could possibly play … and run as many plays as possible," he said. "The SEC to me was grinding it to a halt. Now, all of a sudden, you can play as fast as you want to play."

However, Richt's personality and that of his team has changed, so he doesn't expect Georgia to use the rule to speed up its offense.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?: Richt was asked Thursday about Florida head coach Urban Meyer's description of Georgia's celebration against the Gators as an incident that will inspire Florida for this year's game.

"What intensified the rivalry is that we won," Richt said. "That's the reality."

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