Q&A with Brian Mimbs

ATHENS – Senior punter Brian Mimbs sits down with Dawg Post.

Parker Morgan: How does it feel to be awarded a scholarship?

Brian Mimbs: Definitely pretty excited. It's definitely an accomplishment to be a walkon and have the coaches think highly enough of you to invest money of you. It's definitely an accomplishment and a compliment at the same time.

PM: How did the signing of Drew Butler affect you?

BM: I think signing a freshman right out of high school made me work harder. I knew that my task was tougher with Drew being as good as he is. I think that really pushed me more. I knew that I had to do more to earn a job.

PM: How did getting to learn from Gordon Ely-Kelson help your progression?

BM: It definitely helped me because I came in here as a kicker. Gordon punted three years before I got a chance. Being behind him for three years gave me the opportunity to get my fundamentals down for punting since I was primarily a kicker. Just being behind him, seeing him be successful and him helping me along the way. It was kind of a blessing being behind him for three years. You learn how to punt better.

PM: Would your onside kick against Virginia Tech be your career highlight to date?

BM: I don't know necessarily if it's my most memorable moment, but I guess it was my first contribution to the team in the big way. But definitely stepping on the field as a starter the first game was an accomplishment too. But I guess there's more hype around the onside kick then everyday punting. It was definitely a lot more exciting and a lot more nerve wracking.

PM: How did the responsibility for onside kicks fall to you?

BM: When Brandon hurt his leg doing an onside kick – coach Fab came up to us and we all did onside kicks. I ended up being designated as the onside kick guy. They didn't want to take any chances messing up his leg again and Fab said at halftime, if we score, we're going for it. And we scored and it just happened to workout for us.

PM: Out of high school were you a preferred walkon, or how did you come to to the team in the fist place?

BM: They offered me a preferred walkon spot, so they couldn't offer me a scholarship. So I took it and ran with it. I got to camp and was going to be competing for the job, and I didn't kick well at all. And that's when I knew my chances at kicking were limited with Brandon only being a year ahead of me, Bailey being a year ahead of me. I was a lot more focused on placekicking. I'd only punted in my senior year in high school. One day in practice the opportunity came up for me to try punting and I ended up finding my niche to punt.

PM: With this being your 5th year, you've been a part of some very different Georgia teams. What about this team makes you think this could be a very big year?

BM: I think I know a lot more of the guys. The guys that are playing have been playing for a while. You've got four year starters, three year starters, and the freshmen that played last year have grown up a lot. I think we have confidence coming off of last year. My freshman year we definitely had an outstanding team. But as far as I can see with this team I think we're pretty close together. I think we've got some experience. I think we know each other well. I think we care about each other pretty good. I think the biggest thing is coming off the confidence of last year. We know we can win.

PM: Talking about the '04 team, that was the last time Georgia was getting this much attention nationally in the preseason. How would you compare the two?

BM: I think the coaches are more aware of hype now. We were preseason number 3 that year. And things ended up not working out. So I think coaches know how to go about handling hype a little bit more. Trying to keep us level headed, keep us grounded. Don't get me wrong. That team from '04 was absolutely talented. Was loaded. Just a few breaks here and a few breaks there. In college football it's hard to gauge between the two teams. Because I understand college football a little bit more. I know that one bad break here might cost a chance for the national championship. But as far as comparing talent between the two teams both are exceptionally talented.

It just depends if you get the breaks or not. It's just, are things going to fall in place? You make your own luck. You make your own breaks. We've worked hard this summer. I think we have the right mindset going into the season. I think if we can just hold it all together and play as a team we have a chance to be good this year.

PM: What are you seeing in these freshmen that make you think they can make an impact?

BM: From what I've seen the guys work hard. I've seen guys in the morning. I think we have a load of talent. I haven't seen them on the field, but I think their mentality's right. They're quick. They're fast. Obviously the coaches have confidence in them. We have an average of 100 people in the workouts every day. So that's not just the freshmen but everybody. So I think we have the right mindset this year. We know we have a great chance and we want to make sure we take every opportunity to put ourselves in position.

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