Gilliard now playing for TITLETOWN, USA

Mike Gilliard of Valdosta High doesn't only play for one of the top programs in the nation - he's also plays in TITLETOWN, USA.

Mike Gilliard was excited about Valdosta being named Titletown by ESPN earlier today.

"The news came and interviewed me and several of my teammates. The celebration was held at our stadium and it seemed like at least 9000 people were there. The players from Lowndes were also there and everyone went crazy. Winning was neat because we beat out all of the big cities."

The earlier visit from a week ago was also a big highlight for the town of Valdosta.

"That was very cool at the turnout that day also. I got my picture taken with Randall Godfrey and everything was crazy that day."

While smoozing with the ESPN elite Gilliard has also been active with some football.

"We have been practicing 7-on-7 everyday. We are also lifting and just trying to get better as a team."

At Valdosta your team goal is always to win the state title but Gilliard mentioned a few more along the way.

"We want to win the region and come together as a team during the season. We always want to win the state championship. That goes without saying here. My personal goals are to be all state and I would like to get in one of the All-American games."

With each passing day the season inches closer and practice is about to begin for Gilliard and teammates.

"We start camp in the morning. Instead of two a days we do three a days here. Right now we can only wear shoulder pads and helmets for a few days. I'm ready to put on the pads and hit someone. I'm really looking forward to the season."

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