Dawgs just fine with no SEC opponent

The theme in Athens this week is that the focus should be on Georgia Tech and not who the Dawgs will play in Atlanta for the SEC title.

Georgia had the chance to clinch the SEC East title two weeks ago, the first week in November. Now Georgia might have to wait two more weeks, until the last week in November to know who their opponent will be in the SEC title game.

And according to Georgia, that is just fine with them, for two reasons.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said that he was glad that the Dawgs don't have an opponent yet because it might take focus away from the Georgia Tech game next Saturday and that he might want to start watching film on his Georgia's title game opponent.

Georgia clinched their spot in the title game with a 24-21 win at Auburn last Saturday. The Tigers, along with LSU and Arkansas can still win the SEC West.

"We are definitely curious and will be watching with a lot of interest. But I think that in a way it is probably better. If you knew for sure who you were playing," Richt said, "you would be very tempted to spend a lot of time working on it."

However, because there are three teams still alive to win the West, Richt indicated that it was not even worth the trouble of looking at film on those teams until a winner is determined.

JT Wall, a senior from Milledgeville, said that it does not matter to him who the Dawgs play in Atlanta. But, he said that it does matter to him that Georgia does not have an opponent yet. He said that because Georgia does not have an opponent yet, they can focus on the game at hand, Georgia Tech.

"It hard to say that we are not focusing on (the SEC title game). But really right now we are thinking about Tech."

Georgia is pleased about not having an opponent because they want to do what they have been doing all season long; Take it one game at a time.

Simply put: Richt said, "I think that not having an opponent will help us focus on the Tech game."

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