#1 Just a Number for Dawgs

ATHENS – Matthew Stafford took a hard look at the rankings when they came out and saw how narrow the margin from number one to number two was.

"We barely got it," Stafford said of the Bulldogs' first number one ranking since 1982. Southern Cal, the number two team according to the Coaches' Poll, was only eight points behind the Dawgs for the number one spot.

"We could win our first three games of the season and lose the number one spot," head coach Mark Richt said. "That's not something we can control."

Being the number one team in the country in the pre-season come in stark contrast to a difficult off-the-field summer for the Bulldogs. Eight players were arrested from after the Sugar Bowl through Friday. The Bulldogs' company line about the trouble in the off-season was that it's over now and they want to focus on the season at hand.

"Getting back on the field is fun for us," said the quarterback. "We are excited that there's not going to be any more talk about this or that – it's all going to be football."

If the most-talked-about topic of the day was the off-the-field problems the second most was Georgia's lofty ranking.

"It was flattering and nice, and we realize that part of the reason we are ranked number one is because of last season and that's over," Stafford said.

"Number one is cool, but it doesn't mean anything," Knowshon Moreno said. "We are not thinking about that."

"The pre-season rankings may be out, but it's on the field where we have to prove it, and that starts today at practice," Stafford said.

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