Robinson steps into possible playing role

ATHENS – It happens every fall camp – a surprising youngster steps high enough in the depth chart to be in position to play in the fall.

Christian Robinson seemed destined to be redshirted this season until the last few days. That's when Robinson took advantage of Darius Dewberry's two-game suspension to have a heck of an opening practice in fall camp.

"Christian got in there and had a good day," said linebackers coach John Jancek. "His father is a high school coach, and that gives him a good foundation. I think he's going to get better during fall camp."

As it stands now Robinson is the backup Sam linebacker. Akeem Dent is the starter at that spot, and while there are times that position does not get on the field due to offensive sets, Robinson is in position to play.

"He progressed over the summer," said linebacker and fellow Gwinnett County product Rennie Curran. "The biggest thing for guys that like him is learning the system fast. It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed. It's one thing to be athletic, but you have to know where to line up."

It took Curran nearly half the season to fully understand where to go and when to get there. Once he did, however, he had a stellar season. To expect the same from Robinson may be asking a little too much at this time.

Jancek said that he's going to evaluate the rest of fall camp before making any future playing time decisions at that spot.

"Christian is a tall, rangy guy, but we will see what happens when we get the pads on," Jancek said. "Right now it's a little too early to tell."

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