Way Too Early Freshmen Report Card

ATHENS – While it's still very, very early there are a handful of freshmen, including a surprise or two, who have caught Dean Legge's eye.

This is the seventh fall camp I have covered, and after only a few days one can start to tell which freshmen are doing well, which are going to play, and which are going to redshirt (not that there is a thing wrong with that). No freshman has looked bad to me so far, but I wanted to give a few opinions as I get this question so often.

Cornelius Washington - B+: Washington may be the most athletic big man on campus. He certainly is the most athletic young big man out there so far. I still don't think he's quite a football player yet, but man he could really be hell on wheels soon. Even as high a grade as I have given him, I expect Washington to redshirt unless he gets on more than one special teams unit.

A.J. Green - INC: How can you give an incomplete to the most talked-about player in the 2008 class? Because through three practices he's gone about half of the time. Also, Green was so nervous that first practice of the fall – that was not the real Green. I expect him to play this season. I am not sure how fast he's going to climb the depth chart, but the way he snatches the ball out of the air is unlike any other Georgia receiver… the kid is going to be a star.

Richard Samuel - A-: Samuel has been in school for some time now, but he's in the middle of a fight for the number two running back spot. He's smart and physically gifted. Also, Georgia head coach Mark Richt drops his name a lot. Caleb King may be the number two back on paper, but Samuel is also a rising star. He will be too much of an asset to keep off the field this season.

Bacarri Rambo - B-: Rambo has not stuck out to me on the field yet, and that's the sort of thing you actually expect from a freshman. I think Rambo is going to redshirt 2008.

Blair Walsh - A+: Dude can flat kick the ball. He's going to start, and he's going to tell you that he's going to start. He's got it like that. Most folks would be eager to see him kick the ball of the ground rather than a tee; that's not an issue for Walsh. I am interested to see how Walsh gets used the way Jon Fabris expects him to place the ball on kickoffs – if there is a learning curve that's where it will come for him.

DeAngelo Tyson - B -: One reason this article is too early is because the big men in the middle of the line have not yet had the chance to play in full pads with the offensive line really coming after them. Tyson looks fine out there, but there's no total way to know what's going on. He is running with the almost-all-freshmen third group.

Brandon Boykin - A: Boykin is going to play this fall. Prince Miller's injury may have a little to do with that, but Boykin has a lot to do with that, too. Boykin's name was dropped by Richt without someone asking a question the other day. Also, Boykin has bulked up. He is at 185 – gaining nearly 20 pounds since his basketball duties ended in the spring. This kid is one to watch out for.

Tavarres King - B: As far as fall camp is concerned King is getting a lot of work. His fall camp has been difficult, it appears, but he's going to play this fall, in my view, because he's pretty much got everything down. Sure, he's had a drop or two in drills, but King looks good. I can't give him a high grade until I see more from him or his name pops up more.

Christian Robinson - A: If you were picking players as if they were stocks and you got in early on Robinson you would have a lot of money right now. Linebackers coach John Jancek said he's not going to just burn a redshirt season for Robinson unless he has to, but it looks like Robinson is going to have to play in a backup role at some point in the early season. I expect Robinson to play this fall.

Makiri Pugh - B-:See what I wrote about Rambo – I feel about the same on Pugh. I am glad Pugh has not gotten hurt during camp because that's been something he's dealt a lot with over the last two falls. He's pretty much a typical freshman out there right now, which is just fine.

Jeremy Longo - B: Longo has really gotten bigger over the summer. I mean when I saw him play in Ft. Lauderdale last fall he was pretty slender, but he looks a lot more like his father, who is very muscular, now. I would love to see Longo fight it out in pads, but we can't. He's headed for a redshirt.

Jonathon Owens – B-: Owens looks like a freshman out there as he is learning what's needed to play for Georgia on the offensive line. A redshirt season seems likely.

Bryce Ros – B-: Similar situation for Ros, who had also gotten bigger since I last saw him – he's getting used to the pace of college football. I don't expect for Ros to play this fall. Even if he was ready there isn't a reason to get him in there considering the depth at tight end.

Ben Jones – A: Mark Richt feels that Georgia can with either Chris Davis or Ben Jones at center. Translation: Dean needs to give Ben Jones an A.

Marcus Dowtin – B+: Dowtin looks good out there. I wonder if he can make it onto the field with special teams. He's a good-looking athlete, but Jancek is going to want to redshirt someone out of this class. My guess is that because Dowtin is running with the threes is going to be him.

Nick Williams - B-: A good-looking player, it's too hard to tell what's going on with Williams in the crowded secondary. Williams can run, like Pugh and Rombo, but that group pretty much look like freshmen out there. I don't think he will play this season.

Carlton Thomas – A+: This young man is going to bring something a little different to the table for the Dawgs wherever he lines up. Thomas looks great in the open field. It's hard to know what he's got between the tackles, but he may really never be used there a lot anyway.

Dontavius Jackson – B-: Jackson seems a little lost in the shuffle at running back. He's finally healthy, which is good for him, but that really hurt his ability to get ahead this spring. There is no telling where he would be right now with that sort of jump start.

Sanders Commings – B: The Bulldogs might get Commings on the field this year as a punt returner, but I think he's headed for a redshirt. I've heard his name a little more in Athens, so I've ranked him slightly higher, but not by much.

Cordy Glenn – B+: Like any other offensive lineman, conditioning is going to be an issue in the summer. That's the first thing you notice with players. Still, Glenn looks like the backup tackle, and his camp has been fine so far. Glenn will play in 2008.

A.J. Harmon – B-: Harmon has lost weight, but he's not in condition to play right now. Harmon needs a year to get used to play in college. He's still one heck of a big man, but I just think the staff is going to take their time to see just what they want to do with him.

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