Banks out at least 6 weeks with MCL

ATHENS – First it was Georgia's receivers dropping like flies, now it's the safeties.

Quintin Banks tore his medial collateral ligament during Saturday's morning practice – the first of preseason with full pads and contact – and will likely have surgery Tuesday to repair the injury. Head coach Mark Richt said Banks will miss about six weeks.

"He was a guy who had really come on and was ready to play," Richt said. "More than likely, we're going to have to have some young guys get reps."

Freshman safety Makiri Pugh also went down with an injury Saturday, suffering a sprained ankle that Richt said will keep him out at least a week.

The injuries put a significant dent in Georgia's depth chart at a position defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said he had hoped to have a five-man rotation for.

Redshirt freshman John Knox will move up to third on the depth chart following Banks' injury, while Richt said any number of younger players could jump up to grab the fourth spot, including Baccari Rambo, Nick Williams and senior Andrew Williams.

The injuries may also affect possible redshirt decisions for Richt, who said currently there are no prime candidates on defense to sit out the season.

"There could be a redshirt in the works for one of those guys," Richt said, "but right now we're saying there's not a one of those guys that we're saying he's probably not going to go. We're trying to get them all ready to go."

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