Ros getting used to college ball

ATHENS – It always takes a little time to get used to college football.

For tight end Bryce Ros he thinks the middle of last week was the time when things started coming together for him.

"It sure is a lot of fun," Ros said. "The first two days were pretty hard, but by the third day I was having fun. It's certainly been harder than high school."

That does not mean, however, that Ros is headed right for a starting spot. Ever the pragmatist, the true freshman said he's willing to help Georgia win no matter how he has to do it.

"I am going to try to do the best that I can do no matter if that's on scout team or on special teams, or even playing. I will do anything they ask to help the team," he said.

Like most every player in his class, Ros said the speed of the players around him is the number one thing he's had to get used to.

"The speed of the game is so much different," said Ros. "Things go by so fast and you don't even realize it. You get in a rhythm, and I don't know that I'm at that rhythm yet, and I am sure that I will get there soon."

Ros said he's been listening to the tight ends above him on the depth chart – trying to gain any sort of knowledge needed to help him in the future.

"Tripp Chandler has been showing me a lot of things," he said. "Bruce Figgins and Aron White are really helping me out."

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