Glenn in the Middle of O-Line Mix Now

ATHENS – Welcome to the middle of college football Cordy Glenn.

Riverdale native Cordy Glenn is in the middle of a fight for a starting job on the offensive line. Glenn was already competing for a starting spot at guard, but Trinton Sturdivant's devastating knee injury at Monday's practice has opened up another spot to fill for the Dawgs.

"Cordy really has come well as a right guard," head coach Mark Richt said today. "He is talented enough to play right tackle, and left also."

Sturdivant's injury leaves the left tackle spot unoccupied for the time being. The Bulldogs rotated a slew of players at the spot today - including Clint Boling and Josh Davis. The feel from Georgia camp (Offensive Line Stacy Searles was not scheduled to meet with the media today, and has only met with the media once since his hire in early 2007) is that Georgia will try to find a replacement as fast as possible for Sturdivant, which explains the rotation at tackle today When Georgia fills the starting spot it appears Glenn will likely be the missing piece to the puzzle.

"Cordy is used to the right side," Richt said. "I think if we moved him to right tackle we would move Kiante Tripp to left tackle. That would exhaust the possibilities, but at least we have some possibilities."

Twice in his tenure at Georgia, Richt has gone into a season with serious question marks on the offensive line. Surprisingly the Bulldogs managed to end the season with double-digit wins both times (2003 and 2007). It helps when young offensive linemen come in ready to play right away.

"I'd say that Cordy is on par with where Trinton and Clint were last year," Richt said. "It didn't take long to see that Cordy could do it physically this year. The question is how will he learn, and how quickly will he learn. I think it's been outstanding how few mistakes he's made. I know there is a guy there next to him helping him (at guard), but he's done a nice job. He's been running with the number one unit for a few days now."

As for Strudivant's injury – Richt is still struggling with it.

"I'm still not over it," Richt said of the injury to Sturdivant. "Maybe if you asked me in a week I would tell you that everything is going to be ok, but I am kind of sick about the whole thing."

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