Green Goes Away for Dawgs

ATHENS – The good news for Georgia head coach Mark Richt on Monday was that a majority of the more than two dozen green jerseys at practice last week had disappeared. The better news, however, was he didn't expect any new ones to appear today.

"A lot less green out there, and most everybody held up pretty good," Richt said.

The return to action for several key players – particularly in the wide receiver corps and at defensive end – was crucial after Richt watched the number of injuries pile up last week.

While Richt said some of the players returning to action didn't go the whole practice, simply getting them back on the field was key.

"Not all the guys that got off the green into white jerseys or red jerseys went the full distance, but we got them working full speed," Richt said.

That didn't exactly lead to a perfect day of practice. After having Sunday off, classes started Monday for the players, and Richt said the new schedule slowed the intensity of practice.

"It wasn't great," Richt said. "If it wasn't a Monday, and it was coming off a day off and the first day of school, I would say not very good, but usually those days are tough to have it happen the way you want it to."

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