No Punt Returns for Knowshon

ATHENS – The great Knowshon Moreno experiment is over – for now.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said the star running back will not return punts against Georgia Southern, as had been discussed throughout camp.

Moreno spent nearly the entire preseason in a green no-contact jersey while battling shoulder soreness, and the injury caused him to miss reps at returner last week.

"Knowshon had a spell where he couldn't get any reps, and I guess he kind of fell by the wayside," Richt said.

The words came with a bit of a sly grin from Richt, however, and when he said he may not know until game day who would return punts, the possibility of revisiting the plan in a later game was quickly resurrected.

"I just think that if you get the ball to Knowshon in the open field on a punt return with the kind of blocking we've been getting over the years, that's a pretty valuable place to be," Richt said.

"He just didn't some of the work here toward the end. It's still a pretty tight competition, but I wouldn't count Knowshon out of returning some punts before this year is over. He's very capable, and he'd be excited about the opportunity."

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